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Boundless Exchange 1.2.0 is here!

Exchange is Boundless’ web-based geospatial content management system.

Exchange is Boundless’ web-based geospatial content management system. It is a combination of GeoNode, GeoServer, and PostGIS with some custom Django code to make the user experience simple and seamless. Beyond just the open community software, Boundless provides several value-add capabilities, including basemap content via Boundless Connect, more security/authentication options, version control of data via GeoGig, and improved scalability/high-availability.  Of course, Boundless also provides the commercial support and maintenance needed for operational deployments.


Boundless Exchange can also support hybrid architecture integration, working alongside existing proprietary software.  For example, you can to index Esri REST services as a discoverable set of layers in Boundless Exchange.  All this brings a flexibility to Boundless exchange that allows for the implementation of custom designs and workflows.

As part of version 1.2.0, we have a number of specific improvements.


Unified Search

Behind the scenes of Boundless Exchange is a powerful content index registry. This enables you to upload content to Exchange itself, or to reference web service content hosted elsewhere.  As part of the 1.2 release, Exchange enables you to search across all of your data with the results interleaved within the display based on the chosen sort method.  This improved search makes discovering the content you need easier than ever!

Service Registration Auto-detection

When registering services into Exchange, our registration form now autopopulates as much service-level data as possible based on information returned by the service. It also finds other formats available for the same service and automatically links them to the service you’re registering!  This makes registering services faster than ever before, and ensures a higher level of fidelity for the content inside Exchange.

ESRI Interoperability

Exchange 1.2 service registration now allows users to publish and discover Map and Feature Services published by ArcGIS Server. Now you can leverage your investment in ArcGIS Server, while using Boundless Exchange as your share, search and discovery platform.


Forgo purchasing that expensive, proprietary GIS web portal you were looking at and, instead, use Boundless Exchange! There are no user or account limitations in every installation of Exchange and you can search across all of your data and service types.

Security & Authentication

Exchange includes PKI, LDAP, & Active Directory support. Exchange 1.2 includes additional PKI enhancements to work in more secure environments.  We have also enabled the ability to log into your Boundless Exchange instance using your Boundless Connect or Google login.


We’ve got a lot planned for Exchange and we would love to hear your ideas.