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Boundless Suite 4.9.1 GIS Software Now Available In Boundless Connect

With the release of Suite 4.10 back in June, Boundless has now made Boundless Suite 4.9.1 GIS software available to all users. No support subscription is required, simply login or register for a free Boundless Connect account and download today. With the introduction of Boundless Suite 4.9.1 GIS mapping software, Boundless is recommending that anyone utilizing version 4.8 or earlier, consider upgrading to Suite 4.9.1.


With Suite 4.9.1 we have added a new virtual machine (VM) deployment option which contains all components configured and ready to use. Available for all operating systems, this replaces the installers previously available for Windows and OS X. This is the easiest way to try out Boundless Suite Geospatial software without fully deploying it in your enterprise environment. Boundless Suite is also available in WAR format for application servers, an apt-get package repository for Ubuntu, and a yum repository for RHEL/CentOS.


Please note that Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are now required to run Boundless Suite for application servers.

Updates To Boundless Suite Community Package Servers

In addition to providing WAR file downloads of Boundless Suite, we provide package installers for Red Hat and Ubuntu. Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work overhauling our community package servers for Boundless Suite to integrate them with our Connect ecosystem. Installation packages for past versions of Boundless Suite will continue to be made available free of charge, but will now require a Connect account for access. You can follow the installation instructions in the Boundless Suite documentation and where references are made to your username and password, simply use your Connect account login.


Boundless Suite Dashboard

Options for Windows Users Running Boundless Suite

Starting with Boundless Suite 4.9.1, Boundless no longer packages Windows installer files (.exe) with Boundless Suite, however Windows users have a few options for running Boundless Suite on their systems.

  1. You can download and run the new virtual machine (VM) option provided with our release packages.  The VMs are designed to run in VMWare or on the open source VirtualBox platform.
  2. You can download the Boundless Suite and Boundless Suite Extensions bundles from Connect, install a Java servlet container such as Tomcat on your Windows machine, and deploy the WAR files inside of it. Step by step installation details for Boundless Suite on Windows can be found in the Boundless Suite documentation.