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Your Gateway to the World of Boundless
Boundless Connect is your gateway to access the latest Boundless product downloads, guided tutorials, product documentation, and technical support for product subscribers. Connect is also your central communications hub to connect to fellow Boundless users and experts.

What’s Inside


Find what you need, when you need it! Connect brings you a powerful search experience throughout all the Boundless products. Discover basemaps, plugins, and data to enrich your maps and analysis!

Community Support and Solutions

Crowdsourced knowledge from a global community of users will put you back on the right track if you hit a snag. Q&A, Discussions, and Blogs offer exclusive Boundless community content.

Tutorials and Videos

Boundless product tutorials provide you with best practices for a successful experience. Explore a catalog of videos demonstrating tips and tricks in action. Subscribers also receive access to the QGIS Lessons Plugin!


Take your skills to the next level with Boundless training. We offer both in-classroom and online training to expand your knowledge of open GIS.



Got questions about a feature or function? We’ve got answers! Access the official, complete Boundless product documentation direct from Connect.

Boundless Products

The latest Boundless product releases are available for download whenever you need them!