Boundless Server

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A GIS server for publishing geospatial data as web services, Boundless Server features a flexible architecture that enables organizations to reliably publish a range of data and workflows to web apps, desktop clients or mobile devices. Built on leading open source geospatial software, Server lets you access and edit location data through a number of OGC services and open formats. Server is the top choice for enterprises that host web mapping applications.

Available in two editions –Enterprise for cloud-optimized hosting and Standard for on-premise hosting –  Boundless Server Enterprise is also available as a managed service to give customers the confidence and availability to meet demand, effortlessly grow and scale, and reduce the overall complexity of their IT responsibilities.

Boundless Server
  • A cloud-native deployment of Boundless Server, built on the proven open-source GeoServer project
  • All the advantages of cloud architecture, underscored by Boundless’ proven expertise in the geospatial community
  • Increased performance and availability through elastic scalability – support millions of map layers and requests, at explosive speed, on demand
  • Ease of use with self-contained installation, simplicity of configuration and operation, and performance monitoring
  • Access to premium technical support, full documentation, implementation assistance, upgrades, software patches, and bug fixes

A powerful, highly scalable GIS server solution for large-scale enterprises. As more enterprises realize the value of adding maps to their web applications, the demand for location data means new requirements for scale, availability, and responsiveness. Your organization can meet these needs with Boundless Server Enterprise, an entirely new class of GIS server solution that takes full advantage of the cloud’s ability to quickly scale up and out.

Boundless Server Enterprise is the first cloud-native geospatial server designed to maximize the value of your geospatial data in elastic cloud environments. Built on leading geospatial software with a flexible architecture that allows organizations to easily manage location data, Boundless Server Enterprise enables server GIS deployments that scale efficiently, quickly, and economically – allowing you to outperform the competition at a lower total cost of ownership.

Boundless Server Enterprise Diagram

Demanding production environments call for a solution with flexibility, agility, reliability, and scalability. With Boundless Server, you get that and so much more:

Reduced Costs
  • Scale at a lower cost without vendor lock-in
  • Avoid costly in-house maintenance, with expert 24×7 support
  • Components run individually, together, or interoperate with proprietary software
  • Customizable to meet your running environment
  • Connect to existing databases
  • Publish services in OGC or GeoServices REST formats


What is the difference between Boundless Server Standard and Boundless Server Enterprise?

Boundless Server is offered in two editions, Standard and Enterprise. The Enterprise edition is a cloud-native version, which has been architected specifically for cloud deployments. See the Standard vs Enterprise comparison document for more detail.

What is Boundless Server Managed?

Boundless Server Managed is a subscription to use Boundless Server Enterprise, hosted and managed in the cloud by Boundless. This provides two ways to use Enterprise, either self-hosted in your own cloud or as a managed service offering from Boundless.

What does “cloud-native” mean?

Boundless Server Enterprise has been designed and re-engineered to take full advantage of the cloud’s compute, storage architectures, and other built-in services and capabilities, including including the ability to dynamically and elastically scale based on usage and demand.

Why would my organization use Boundless Server Enterprise?

From a business perspective, BSE was designed to help organizations who have web map applications where performance, availability, and cost are issues. These organizations might have large numbers of map layers, large numbers of users, unforeseen spikes in usage, or critical up-time requirements, where scaling or providing redundancy for their application becomes problematic, technically and economically. BSE provides a solution which improves map server performance and responsiveness by being able to scale (basically adding more nodes) on demand to meet usage requirements and spikes. It also provides a simple solution to address fail-over and redundancy. Using the elastic compute capability of the cloud offers cost-savings in infrastructure, software licensing and overall management.

How does BSE differ from other enterprise GIS server solutions in the marketplace?

While other map servers can run in the cloud (like Boundless Server Standard), none has been engineered specifically to address the dynamic scalability and configuration flexibility of the cloud.

What databases are supported?

Boundless Server Enterprise currently supports PostGIS. Other databases, already supported by Boundless Server Standard, can be supported as needed.

Can Boundless Server Enterprise be utilized to support big data initiatives?

Yes, currently Boundless Server Enterprise can serve large GeoTIFF’s stored in Amazon S3. This takes advantage of the cloud’s low-cost data storage including blob storage for large raster datasets. Boundless Server Enterprise is also capable of serving an increased number of layers. Benchmark testing shows a layer management improvement from the thousands into the millions.

Are the capabilities of Boundless Server Enterprise the same as Boundless Server?

Yes, other than the specifics (and benefits) of cloud deployment, these editions are essentially the same in terms of overall functionality.

What cloud services are supported?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google, and any cloud capable of hosting Kubernetes.

Does Boundless take care of the software and cloud infrastructure for me (e.g., set up my account, configure cloud services, monitor my usage, pay the provider)?

Yes! By subscribing to Boundless Server as a managed service, Boundless takes care of everything. Put simply, we are your concierge, hosting your use of Boundless Server Enterprise in the cloud.

However, if you prefer to self-host and manage in your own infrastructure or a third-party cloud, Boundless makes using Boundless Server Enterprise as easy as possible by providing simple deployment configurations, scripted installations, and administrative interfaces. If you need further assistance, Boundless can help you through a professional services agreement.

Which Extensions are bundled with Boundless Server Enterprise?

WMS, WFS, WCS, Vector Tiles, Mapbox Styles, GDAL, and Web-UI.

Which other Extensions are available with Boundless Server Enterprise?

Geoservices REST API, Oracle, and SQLServer.

How do I get Boundless Server Enterprise? Can I download it from Boundless Connect?

You can get Boundless Server Enterprise via our managed service or for self-hosting. Boundless Server Enterprise is not available for download from Boundless Connect. Please contact a Boundless sales representative for more information on installation, configuration, and pricing of Boundless Server Enterprise. You can also upgrade an existing Boundless Server Standard subscription to Boundless Server Enterprise, or convert a trial instance to one that is fully operational.

How do I install and configure Boundless Server Enterprise? How do I manage Boundless Server Enterprise?

When you subscribe to Boundless Server as a managed service, Boundless takes care of all installation, setup, and ongoing management of Boundless Server Enterprise. If you prefer to self-host, Boundless Server Enterprise is delivered as a single JAR file for AWS and Azure, and as a Docker container for Kubernetes. Installation, configuration, and management of Boundless Server Enterprise is accomplished using an Admin interface.